January 13, 2021
Announcing the Debut Capital brand
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When planning our roadmap for Debut, one of the things we were most excited to accomplish was our brand design.

It was important for us to have a brand that represented our vision and the energy we were bringing to Debut. Being two introverted founders, it's sometimes difficult getting across who we are through social media but through thoughtful design, we felt our audience would understand our passion and dedication.

announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-01.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-02.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-03.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-04.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-05.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-06.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-07.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-08.jpeg announcing-the-debut-capital-brand-09.jpeg

We began brainstorming to create a set of values our brand needed to encapsulate. Once we did that, we realized how important it was to find a designer who understood and shared these values. We partnered closely with the incredibly talented Sophia Yeshi.

Debut Capital is a venture capital firm investing in Black, Latinx, and Indigenous founders, so it is important that our brand and website feels most welcoming to communities of color. It is crucial for us that these communities feel safe, inspired, and seen when they interface with Debut. We didn't want the brand to prioritize the concept of whiteness or the stuffiness of traditional VC. We wanted it to look like us and celebrate us!

Inspired by activism campaigns from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and 70s, the warm oranges, yellows, and greens reflect the creativity and struggle of our revolutionary ancestors. This is the energy that we wanted our brand to exude. This is what we want people to envision when they hear the name Debut Capital.

Stay tuned for our updated website!

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