June 30, 2020
Debut Capital Invests in Revry, The First Global LGBTQ+ Streaming Network.
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Debut Capital is excited to announce its recent investment in Revry, the world's first global queer streaming network. Revry was founded in 2015 by Co-Founders Alia J. Daniels, LaShawn McGhee, Christopher Rodriguez and Damian Pelliccione. They provide LGBTQ+ content 24/7 on their network ranging from original content, to podcasts, to music videos.

Debut met Damian Pelliccione, Co-Founder & CEO, in late Spring 2020 through Backstage Capital's Investor Week, and loved not only their vision, but their passion and dedication to creating an inclusive streaming network for the queer community. This passion along with their impressive record of accomplishments over the last few years is what made us excited to partner with them!

Damian Pelliccione notes "We are thrilled to have Debut Capital as an investing partner in Revry. With our founding team being 75% people of color, Revry is grateful that Debut Capital recognizes diversity and inclusion, especially in the media space."

Revry was recently selected out of over 400 companies, to participate in Launch with GS Black and Latinx Cohort, a program focused on providing financial and industry expertise, along with introducing each of the 14 companies to an influential network to help with business development.

Be sure to follow Revry on Instagram, and check out Revry TV. In honor of PRIDE month, they recently livestreamed the 2020 Global Pride Event that kicked off June 27th.

Debut Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing funds and resources in Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Founders. Our vision is to highlight these influential ideas that will shape our future into the revolutionary world it's meant to be. We've had the pleasure of investing in other awesome companies like Ethel's ClubSquire, and Chipper Cash. If you are a founder seeking capital please reach out to us at pilar@debutcapital.com and bobak@debutcapital.com. If you are an investor that is determined to invest in more diverse founders please join our syndicate!

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