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Debut Capital
Our Value Add
Since we get involved early, it is critical that we help founders in the initial stages of their business.
Based on the startups we've seen and been involved with, we’ve observed consistent patterns in the earliest phases. These are some of the areas we love to collaborate on.
  • Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • Tech Stack Strategy
  • Team Structure
We’ve launched over 100 digital products over the last 12+ years, ranging from start-ups like Rent The Runway, ModCloth, and 23andMe to enterprise companies like Sephora, Gap, and American Express. We’ll focus on leveraging our experience in this area to help our portfolio grow.
Finance & Operations
Our experience building financial systems for start-ups in the past has scaled up to $30M in revenue. Our goal is to help our portfolio create thoughtful and realistic narratives around their projections. Shaping this blueprint gives founders the best chance to reach their goals and demonstrate a track record for investors.
Fundraising Feedback & Intros
We're constantly building new relationships with different investors and funds. Our goal is to build trust in our co-investor network with thoughtful intros that fit their area of focus.
Our Values
Our job is to always provide value, not just capital, to founders.
Good Vibes
We want to build a community of people helping people.
Always do the right thing. No matter what.
We work *with* the founders to help them achieve their vision.
Our Team
Pilar Johnson
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Pilar Johnson is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Debut Capital. Prior to Debut Capital, Pilar led operations at Prolific Interactive including the Diversity & Inclusion implementation and strategy for the company. Beyond D&I, Pilar has also led efforts in M&A, Finance, and People Operations. Pilar is passionate about creating equitable safe spaces for the Black, Latinx, and Indigenous community and continues to work with startups on ways to make an authentic impact in their workplace.
Bobak Emamian
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Bobak Emamian grew up in Iran before moving the US when he was in elementary school. In 2009, Bobak co-founded a strategy-led mobile agency, Prolific. Through 10 years, they worked on and launched over 100 products spanning iOS, Android, and Web, before the agency was acquired in 2019. While managing Prolific, Bobak discovered a passion to invest in a more equitable future, leading him to collaborate with Pilar on D&I initiatives, and eventually co-found Debut Capital.
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